The Population Distribution Model of Papua New Guinea (PNG) covers the whole country - 462 840 km2
As sources for population map production were used:

  • Visicom clutter model (calculated on the base of accurate vector layers derived from high and middle-resolution satellite imagery and the results of Sentinel/Landsat satellite images classification);
  • Population data figures such as Official Census data for Papua admin divisions, projection figures and population growth coefficients (provided by the National Statistics Office of Papua New Guinea);
  • Boundaries of administrative units with associated population figures (namely, for admin level 4 - Local-Level Government (LLG)/Ward – 297);
  • Visicom population map methodology for model calculation.

Papua population map produced for use in RF planning demand as raster matrix in the GeoTIFF and GRD formats. The dataset could be presented as a vector map with an assigned population quantity and density per city blocks.

The resulting Papua Population map dataset could be used for such demands as national economic planning, accomplishing public services, cultural construction tasks, backhaul planning, preliminary planning of mobile or telecom networks.

In addition, the population map could be integrated with Visicom Countrywide Model for Papua New Guinea including datasets for the whole country: 3D maps for biggest cities, Vector model, Clutter Model, DTM, Heights Model.

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