3D Models

3D Models provide an accuracy range at various levels of detail required by wireless operators and ensure high quality and compatibility with all wave propagation models.

3D models include: Terrain data, 3D Buildings, 3D Trees, 3D Bridges, and other artificial objects, vector layers like roads/streets networks, and Land Use classified into 28-30 classes. All these elements together provide an accurate and detailed representation of city infrastructure that is an obvious source for accurate RF planning. 

In urban areas with fewer propagation distances, dense and high-rise buildings, and sometimes complicated relief, the precise 3D geodata is an essential component of RF design: extra-accurate microcell planning, network optimization and management.

We produce and deliver 3D Models for cities, urban areas and entire countries with 1, 2, or 5 m resolution and accuracy parameters fitted to the requirements of our client's projects.

3D data are delivered in any RF planning software – Forsk Atoll, Teoco Asset, Infovista Planet, ATDI ICS Telecom, Ranplan Professional, etc.

Free data samples can download from our site here 

Explore one of our projects for 3D countrywide coverage here

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We guarantee

Our manager and production teams are customer-oriented professionals highly skilled in RF planning process. Our production and sales infrastructure allows to realize the projects of various difficulty, complexity and scope supporting high-level data quality

Precise and up-to-date mapping information

Detailed and high-resolution terrain

Delivery in any RF planning tool and GIS format

Extra-accurate 3D buildings

Flexible price fitted to customer budget

Flexible price fitted to customer budget

Data formats

Alcatel A955

ICS Telecom




ER Mapper Raster

Aircom Asset



Mentum Ellipse

Raster images

ENVI Image Format

Atoll Forsk



Mentum Planet


Generic Binary




Nokia NetAct

ERDAS Imagine Image

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