Population Maps

Population Map or Population Distribution Model is a significant element for wireless network planning. PopMap enables to process of values of population distribution with the level of detail from countrywide areas to separate cities.

Telco operators use PopMap for:

  • to assess the market potential and priorities for new deployments
  • to define strategic customers coverage or critical areas
  • to capacity simulations of networks infrastructure

Population Distribution Model includes:

  • Population quantity for each administrative unit
  • Population density per area units
  • Population density per each cell of the raster grid

PopMap can be delivered in any popular of RF planning tool format (Atoll, Planet, ISC Telecom etc.) or GIS format (.tab. .shp) as Vector or Raster 

Input data:
▪ Land Use Model (Clutter) ▪ Administrative Boundaries ▪ Population Census Data

Administrative division is delivered together with Population map as vector layer

Click here to download samples of the Population Distribution Regional Model

Click here to download samples of the Population Distribution City Model

Explore more and download the brochure "Current Visicom Population Map Projects"


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Flexible price fitted to customer budget

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