Night-time Population Density Map

Night Population Map provides density ratios between the urban classes based on the places people have identified as inhabiting (residential areas) in the census information.

For calculating the matrix Population Distribution Model, two input layers are applied: clutter or land use model (only classes related to the populated areas) and experimentally obtained coefficients that assign proportions of population density for different clutter classes. 

With the application of these coefficients in conjunction with vector boundaries of administrative units and the populated clusters, the calculation is being conducted individually for each administrative unit. The resulting values are given as a matrix model with preassigned cell size. Population density value is assigned with each cell of the matrix. 

For the calculation of the Regional Population Map are used clutter class type, percentage of built-up block area within each cell (pixel), and also the population density coefficient that was calculated individually and varied for each administrative unit.

PopMap can be delivered in any popular RF planning tool format (Atoll, Planet, ISC Telecom etc.) 

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Flexible price fitted to customer budget

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