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The rapid development of new telecommunication generation – 5G networks, enabling humanity to enter to the contemporary era of connection and data interaction, is only possible with high-quality 3D cities models ensuring adequate signal radio planning stages, and as a result smooth functioning. Visicom 3D Geodata adapted to 5G networks demands show all type terrain features, as well as detailed 3D buildings and 3D canopies High-quality and up-to-date maps produced for telecom purposes, are fitted to advanced requirements of cmWave and mmWave frequencies..

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Smart Cities IoT

5G ensures making networks several times faster, increasing network capacity, and opening possibilities to cover not only dense built-up territories in cities but also suburbs and villages. It is going to really unlock the potential of IoT and Smart city development, connecting all people and all things in our ordinary life: transport, energetics, healthcare, manufacturing, business, public safety, etc. Visicom is experienced in generating 3D buildings at different levels of detail (LOD) along with 3D vegetation and other geodata about the urban environment..

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3D modelling is an essential part of the architecture design industry, providing a detailed visual representation of the built environment and urban landscapes. Visicom supports architects and engineers in multiple industries with precise and accurate geodata: 3D Buildings, 3D Bridge and 3D Tree models Landscape and Terrain features Vector data of Streets and Roads networks POIs (Objects of city infrastructure) We provide ready-to-use 3D maps for urgent projects and produce any other layers on your request. .


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Visicom company is a leading global data provider of the wide range of Digital Mapping Products

We produce high-quality geodata for telecommunication market, transport management, logistics, LBS, geomarketing, navigation, etc. Our innovative GIS solutions have been meeting demands in geosimulation and spatial calculations execution within various projects objectives for more than 20 years.

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