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    5G networks development requires new technologies of production and representation of high-resolution geodata. Our 3D Data contain all the terrain features, as well as buildings and trees, and provide the advanced accuracy that engineers need for 5G planning


    • 3D BUILDINGS: small roof details, 1-2 m accuracy in height
    • 3D BRIDGES: precise and detailed engineering constructions
    • 3D VEGETATION (TREES MODEL): detailed vegetation with assigned height attributes specifically produced for 5G planning
    • DTM: 1-2 m height accuracy in terrain features
    • DSM: all terrain features, either manmade or natural, as well as buildings and trees
    • CLUTTER/LAND USE: includes all obstacles features and detailed vegetation layer
    • DATA FORMAT: compatible with any rf planning software and propagation models

    Download the booklet and ask us for free data samples  to research details.

  • 3D Model of San Francisco (USA)

    San Francisco, CA, USA
    3D Model LOD2
    Area: 5
    Resolution: 2 m

    3D building model for CBD area are created at 2 levels of detail (LOD). Building heights were captured from 0.3 m resolution stereo images, providing the geometry and precise roof. Height attributes were assigned to each building footprint, calculated from the ground and non-ground LiDAR datasets. The height attribute allowed simple building shapes to be extruded to their derived height attribute, thereby creating models at LOD_2.
    Download the booklet 3D map of San Francisco and free data sample of 3D model of San Francisco to research details.

  • 3D Textured City Models

    We provide complete representation of client’s real world, bringing together all relevant aspects of 3D environment. 3D building shapes, heights and textures can be derived from stereo satellite images,air photos, LIDAR data and digital photos.

    LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD4 city models are a mainstay for various applications in urban planning:

    • Simulation, analysis and visualization of urban areas
    • Risk assessment, planning for natural catastrophes
    • Environment monitoring, planning, and management
    • Emergency facilities planning
    • Interactive 3D tourist guides for mobile devices

    Please contact us to receive the data sample for testing

  • Visicom has a great reputation in the quality of service and deliverance, they never fail to deliver on time and are able to process orders efficiently and effectively.
    Gilles Missud
    Executive Vice President — ATDI-France
  • 02 May 2018
    Visicom is looking for digital map resellers


    If you would like to become a distributor of Visicom products, please contact us:

    Please feel free to contact us in order to get additional information.

  • 03 April 2018
    2D RF model of Connecticut state (USA)

    2D Regional model is a medium-to-low-resolution database designed for large-area RF planning. It's the ideal solution in initial network planning and network planning in rural areas.

    2D Regional RF map of Connecticut (USA) covers 14 400 km2. We have used recent vintage imagery Sentinel of 10 m resolution to create 20 m resolution geodata. SRTM/ASTER DEM data and available topomaps were processed for DTM/DSM production. Regional Connecticut Clutter Clutter/Land Use/Land Cover are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation. Land Use map was produced from multispectral satellite imagery by method of automatic classification with subsequent manual photo-interpretation and modification.
    2D Regional model allows quickly visualize terrain and clutter over large areas or entire countries. It consists of the following integrated layers: digital terrain model (DTM), clutter, linear vectors, orthoimage.
    Regional Connecticut DTM Data can be delivered in all major RF planning formats Regional Models may be integrated with 2D Urban ones to improve their accuracy in urban and suburban areas.

    Download free data sample to see more details.
    See also another USA 3D Models for RF planning and GIS project:
    3D Model of New York (USA)
    3D Model of San Francsco (USA)

    Send us the request for more information

  • 22 March 2018
    3D model of New York (USA)

    In urban areas with less propagation distances, dense and high-rise buildings, sometimes complicated relief, the accurate 3D geodata is an essential component of RF design: accurate simulation to support deployment, operation and optimization of mobile networks.

    We use recent vintage stereo imagery 0.3 m resolution to create 2 m high-resolution geodata in LOD2 quality. 3D geodata accuracy – 2-3 m in x,y,z.
    Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Elevation Model (DHM) were produced basing on 3D terrain features which were derived from overlapping satellite imagery taken from two different locations (stereo imagery).

    Highly accurate building vectors with associated height values as attributes are captured through three-dimensional feature extraction in our photogrammetric software.
    New York Vector Clutter/Land Use/Land Cover describe the surface and built-up features which influence on radio wave propagation. They are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation. Urban Land Use map is produced from multispectral satellite imagery by method of automatic classification with subsequent manual photo-interpretation and modification.

    Download the free data sample of New York city model and booklet about project "RF map of New York" to see more details.
    See also about 3D model of San Francisco

    Usually outside the areas of 3D city coverage, operators still require geodata for RF planning and optimization in suburbs. We propose 2D Urban Model, 2.5D Urban Models, 2D Regional Models with clutter height with 5, 10, 20 m resolution, with DTM, clutter (land use) and vector layers. Our geodata catalogue includes over 4000 cities and 60+ countries.

    Send us the request for more information

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