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2D city map of SAR (South African Republic) cities (update)

2D South African Republic ------------------------- Project for Radio Frequency planning, Geoinformation System and WEB-applications contains:
**[data for RF planning][6]:** [2D Regional Model][1] of Cape Town – **3877** [2D Regional Model][1] of Johannesburg – **3182** [2D Regional Model][1] of Johannesburg CBD – **118** [2D Regional Model][1] of Johannesburg Sandton – **12** [2D Regional Model][1] of Pretoria – **1763** [2D Regional Model][1] of Pretoria CBD – **23** [2D Regional Model][1] of Pretoria Centurion – **19** [2D Regional Model][1] of Pretoria menlyn – **7** [2D Regional Model][1] of Durban – **1073** [2D Regional Model][1] of Port Elizabeth – **551** [2D Regional Model][1] of Port Elizabeth CBD – **38** [2D Regional Model][1] of Bloemfontein – **436** [2D Regional Model][1] of Bloemfontein CBD – **34** [2D Regional Model][1] of Polokwane – **99** [2D Regional Model][1] of Polokwane CBD – **25** [2D Regional Model][1] of Durban – **57** **[data for GIS project and WEB project][7]:** [Map][7] of Cape Town – **3877** [Map][7] of Johannesburg – **3182** [Map][7] of Johannesburg CBD – **118** [Map][7] of Johannesburg Sandton – **12** [Map][7] of Pretoria – **1763** [Map][7] of Pretoria CBD – **23** [Map][7] of Pretoria Centurion – **19** [Map][7] of Pretoria menlyn – **7** [Map][7] of Durban – **1073** [Map][7] of Port Elizabeth – **551** [Map][7] of Port Elizabeth CBD – **38** [Map][7] of Bloemfontein – **436** [Map][7] of Bloemfontein CBD – **34** [Map][7] of Polokwane – **99** [Map][7] of Polokwane CBD – **25** [Map][7] of Durban – **57** [2D Regional model][1] is a medium-to-low-resolution database designed for large-area RF planning. It's the ideal solution in initial network planning and network planning in rural areas. [2D Regional RF map][1] of SAR (South African Republic) cities (2D city models) covers more than **11314**. We have used recent vintage imagery Sentinel of 2 m resolution to create 5 m resolution geodata. ![Herbon 2D DHM]( [SRTM/ASTER DEM data][2] and available topo maps were processed for [DTM][3]/[DSM][4] production. ![2D DTM]( Clutter/Land Use/Land Cover are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation. Land Use map was produced from multispectral satellite imagery by the method of automatic classification with subsequent manual photo-interpretation and modification. ![2D clutter web]( [2D Regional model][1] allows quickly visualize terrain and clutter over large areas or entire countries. It consists of the following integrated layers: [digital terrain model (DTM)][3], clutter, linear vectors, orthoimage. Data can be delivered in all major RF planning formats. [Regional Models][1] may be integrated with [2D Urban][5] ones to improve their accuracy in urban and suburban areas. See also [2D Country Models][1] of [West Bank (Palestine)][8] for RF planning and GIS project: Send us the request for more information [1]:"See more about regional model for RF planning" [2]:"See more about type of elevation models" [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]:"See more about map for RF planning" [7]:"See more about vector map" [8]: "Regional Map of West Bank (Palestine)" Back to all news

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