VISICOM 3D data contain features of manmade and natural obstacles, as well as precise canopies and trees, that assure accurate 5G networks modeling.

Italy – Milan
Hungary – Budapest
Slovakia – Bratislava
Czech Republic – Brno
Czech Republic – Prague
Sweden – Gothenburg
Ireland - Dublin –
Ireland - Castletown –
France - Marseille
Spain - Barcelona
– 16 km2
– 25 km2
– 9 km2
– 30 km2
– 27 km2
– 26 km2
– 35 km2
– 115 km2
– 32 km2
– 30 Area, km2
– 37 948
– 29 499
– 10 042
– 48 385
– 30 633
– 14 477
– 27 271
– 212 203
– 66 314
– 30 500

Geodata set includes any 3D obstacles for the best RF planning of 5G network:
Prague - individual canopy for 5G deployment 2020
3D trees with individual canopy heights
Ciudad Real - buildings with sloped roofs for 5G deployment 2020
3D buildings with sloped roofs and very detailed roofs elements
The 3D model was produced for the massive MIMO mm-wave network planning and advanced 3D simulation in an urban environment.
The 2.5 - 3D models alongside the vegetation models are fully optimized for further use with millimeter-wave frequencies and can be used in different specialized tools like Atoll, Asset, Planet, ICS.

Other 5G projects in Europe: Brussels(Belgium), Athens(Greece), Jorvas(Finland), Warsaw(Poland), Cologne(Germany), London(Great Britain), Cambridge(Great Britain), Cuidad Real(Spain), and many others...

In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, VISICOM provides the 3D maps comprising the manmade and natural obstacles as well as precise plants information that assures accurate RF planning for 5G modeling.

📙Please download brochure "3D geodata for European 5G network deployment"
☑ Our geodata catalogue includes over 1500 cities across 120 + countries.
✉ Contact us to receive a free sample of the 3D city Model.

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