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3D GEODATA FOR 5G PLANNING OF HONG KONG ------------------------------ - Resolution: 1/2/5m - Vertical accuracy - 1-2m - Planimetric accuracy - 1-2m *Our geodata for Hong Kong is the best solution for planning a 5G network. High-resolution, up-to-date map provides the valuable context—an advantageous difference between making informed decisions in the mm-wave environment and taking a guess.
* **[3D models of Hong Kong][1] include:** - 3D buildings - small roof details, 1-2m accuracy - 3D bridges - detailed engineering constructions - 3D vegetation - with assigned height attributes *3D maps are essential for any smart GIS project. 3D data enable creating virtual urban-utility platforms to make city management more efficient. Visicom manufactures precise, geographically accurate and up-to-date 3D rendering of cities that contains all infrastructure features at various levels of detail.*
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[You can **download** for free **a brochure of *Hong Kong* 3D map.**][2]
[**List of OTS 3D City Models for SEA Region.**][3]
[**Please explore the 3D sample dataset of *Hong Kong* in Atoll, Mentum, ESRI formats.**][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: Back to all news

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