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3D Geodata For Major Oman Cities

Any single day without a new 3D project.

Visicom is pleased to introduce a new one.

This time it is a 3D model of Oman cities for further telecom market application. Nevertheless, it can be successfully implemented in other markets and projects.

Stereo 3D City of Oman, 5 m resolution with vegetation as polygons:

City - Area:

  • 3D map of Bahla - 17 km²
  • 3D map of Duqm - 58 km²
  • 3D map of Ibra - 43 km²
  • 3D map of Ibri - 45 km²
  • 3D map of Jalan Bani Bu Hassan - 66 km²
  • 3D map of Nizwa - 51 km²
  • 3D map of Quriyat - 10 km²
  • 3D map of Salala - 86,6 km²
  • 3D map of Sinaw - 10 km²
  • 3D map of Sur - 39 km²
  • 3D map of Tilkai - 4 km²
    TOTAL: 429,6 km²


Digital Terrain Model (DTM) / Clutter (Land Use) Model / Obstacles Heights Model – 3D Buildings and engineering construction, vegetation / Vector model / Text labels / Orthoimage

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