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3D MAPS FOR ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS --------------------------------- *Visicom produces a range of 3D building products for 3D visualization, CAD, GIS application as well as for architectural modeling.* *3D modeling is a highly important part in the scenario of architecture design industry to provide clients with a clearer and realistic look.* *With 3D architecture models, you can easily see the effect in overall design without incurring much cost.* **3D Building products are delivered in formats ready for most 3D application tools like Rhino, ArcGIS and CAD compatible formats.**
**Our 3D models provide:**
- True architectural geometry - 2-3 m accuracy - Roof details - Vegetation - Precise terrain features
**[Our geodata catalogue][1]** includes over 5000 cities across 120+ countries. **Send us a request for more information**
[You can download for free the sample. (Dublin)][2] [1]:,_south&lang=en [2]: Back to all news

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