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3D model of New York (USA)

3D GEODATA OF NEW YORK (USA) ---------------------------- In urban areas with fewer propagation distances, dense and high-rise buildings, sometimes complicated relief, the accurate 3D geodata is an essential component of RF design: accurate simulation to support deployment, operation and optimization of mobile networks. We use recent vintage stereo imagery 0.3 m resolution to create 2 m high-resolution geodata in LOD2 quality. 3D geodata accuracy – 2-3 m in x,y,z. [Digital Surface Model (DSM)][1], [Digital Terrain Model (DTM)][2] and [Digital Elevation Model (DHM)][3] were produced based on 3D terrain features which were derived from overlapping satellite imagery is taken from two different locations (stereo imagery). Highly accurate building vectors with associated height values as attributes are captured through three-dimensional feature extraction in our photogrammetric software. ImgNewYork Clutter/Land Use/Land Cover describe the surface and built-up features which influence on radio wave propagation. They are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation. Urban Land Use map is produced from multispectral satellite imagery by the method of automatic classification with subsequent manual photo-interpretation and modification. Download the free data sample of New York city model and [booklet about a project "RF map of New York"][4] to see more details. See also about [3D model of San Francisco][5] Usually, outside the areas of 3D city coverage, operators still require geodata for RF planning and optimization in suburbs. We propose [2D Urban Model][6], [2.5D Urban Models][7], [2D Regional Models][8] with clutter height with 5, 10, 20 m resolution, with DTM, clutter (land use) and vector layers. [Our geodata catalogue][9] includes over 4000 cities and 60+ countries. Send us the request for more information [1]:"Digital Surface Model (DSM)" [2]:"Digital Terrain Model (DTM)" [3]:"Digital Elevation Model (DHM)" [4]:"booklet about project "RF map of New York" [5]:"3D model of San Francisco" [6]:"2D Urban Model" [7]:"2.5D Urban Models" [8]:"Regional or countrywide models" [9]:"See our coverage of geodata " Back to all news

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