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3D RF Map For Hagerstown, USA

VISICOM team completed 11 projects and started 14 new projects within last 3 months.

We continue to support our clients worldwide, implementing our long-term experience in 2D/2.5D/3D maps production with traditional high level of quality.

3D model of Hagerstown is one of our 3D project for the USA.

Here are some details:
The 3D model accuracy in XYZ – 2 m LE95.
Coverage - about 150

3D obstacles include 3D Buildings, Trees and Bridges as well as other artificial objects, vector layers like roads/streets network and Land Use classified in 28 classes. All these elements together provide the accurate and detailed representation of city infrastructure that is obvious source for accurate RF planning and task management in other industries such as architecture, smart cities, solar energy etc.

VISICOM constantly improves the technology and quality of geodata production, providing our customers with fast delivery of high-quality 2D and 3D maps, population maps as well as any other spatial data.

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