Architecture is a passion and 3D visualization is a necessity


Friends, recently we told you about one of our clients – CHISEL&MOUSE. They are known to specialize in mini-models developing focusing on modern architecture, physical 3D maps, etc. Indeed, it can be any kind of home accessories to decorate your apartment.

Today we are going to tell you about other partners of ours, their complete opposite. Founded in 2008, REDVERTEX is a powerful team with more than 160 employees in Miami, #Dubai and Sofia.

Today REDVERTEX is a well-known studio specializing in the following trends:
➢ Architectural visualization;
➢ 2D and 3D animation;
➢ 360 degree panoramas;
➢ Augmented reality integration;
➢ etc.

They have two things in common with CHISEL & MOUSE crafters:


  • Craftsmen create mini-models, often replicas of famous structures that already exist. For example - the School of Art in Glasgow (Scotland) or the Central Station in Helsinki (Finland).
  • The studio designs structures of fantastic scale, such as the Concert Hall in Kaunas (Lithuania), Dubai's Creek Tower, Saudi's British bank, and others.

The second, less noticeable difference is that the CHISEL & MOUSE mini-models are based on a retrospective, historical view of already known constructions.

At the same time, the developers from REDVERTEX are looking to the future, as evidenced by the above-noted fantasticness of their models, both realized and those that are still in the design phase.

REDVERTEX, as well as CHISEL & MOUSE, successfully use 3D models from Visicom to create their 3D products, both virtual and physical, thus acknowledging quality and resource efficiency.

The data used by the above-mentioned companies are universal and, as a rule, can be used without modification for different tasks or projects.

Send us the request for more information or download our CAD sample here

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