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Countywide 2D model of Great Britain for RF planning

We are delighted to work with many companies in the UK, both in the telecom market and in adjacent industries.

Our latest projects are a countrywide model for RF-planning and a LOD 3D model of London, which included pitched roofs and complex architectural elements.

A regional 2.5D map of the country, totaling 228,947 sq km, including all islands within the UK.

Resolution - 20m
Count of clutter clusters - 21

Read more about the 3D model of London in our next news and watch the video on YouTube.

We are very grateful to the government and people of Britain for their comprehensive assistance to Ukraine. Thank you to the entire country, led by Prime Minister Johnson, who made the right choice in the war unleashed by russia not only against Ukraine, but also against the entire civilized world, and showed her foresight and knowledge of European history.

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