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From 3D map to 3D sculpture

Buildings and cityscapes have been capturing the human imagination for millennia. Urban landscapes with their mix of architecture, roads, and parks influence the course of history.

Pulsating and ever-growing cities are like living organisms. They provide humanity with shelter, recreation, work, study, etc.

We, in turn, research them. In architecture, for example, we try to find physical and emotional signs of this kind of artwork. Eventually, we often admire it so much that we begin to reproduce it in mini-models – graphically or on a larger scale.

That's how Visicom's UK customers do it, the renowned craft masters at CHISEL & MOUSE.

The latter, in turn, is known for its quite original production approach. According to it, the creative process is based on a combination of manual labor (hence the name "chisel") and innovative technologies (the term “mouse” is “responsible” for them).

Obviously, in order to create a quality model of an industrial facility it is required to have not only specific manual competence, but also extreme patience and a propensity for scrupulous thoroughness (see video).

Consequently, since 2011, brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley have been casting and handcrafting precise physical mini-copies of architectural monuments and cityscapes.

Visicom cooperates with Chisel and Mouse in terms of supplying them with high-quality 3D maps. The ones that later serve as basis of fantastic 3D paintings. Imagine the slice of the artwork itself: here you have satellite data, and 3D printing, and handwork with plaster. In other words, the path from the satellite to the wall in your living room is quite long and intense.

Order 3D maps for your business from us and 3D paintings for your lofts from our British friends.

In both cases, it's a win-win solution.

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