Dear friends and partners,

This week, VISICOM websites were attacked using DDOS technologies from the territory of Russia. In this way, the enemies resorted to cartographic warfare, as insidious, senseless, and stupid as the entire war that russia started against Ukraine.

russian hackers use methods as ridiculous and dirty as those that the russian army uses when killing and torturing civilians. Methods as dirty as those that the russian government uses when blackmailing Europe with gas and the fear of cold winters, and Africa with grain and the threat of famine.

But none of them will succeed in hacking Ukrainian websites, breaking the Ukrainian army, or the Ukrainian nation. DDOS attacks caused a temporary failure in our site's operation, including processing request forms like "Contact us". Currently, the work of our services has been restored.

Dear users, if you sent a request through the form on the website on September 7-8th, please repeat it. We work, as always, for our customers and for our victory.


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