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Our Recent Projects 1 Quarter 2023

What our team has done in Q1 2023

Within the first three months of 2023, we have completed 12 mapping projects for our telecom clients. There are 2D maps for 7 countries, 3D maps for 16 cities, a 3D database for the full coverage of 3 countries, 2D and 2.5D models for cities and towns with a total area of about 6000 sq. km. From Australia to Newfoundland, we support our clients with up-to-date and high-quality maps for 5G network planning.

Due to the usage of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) and algorithms of automatic learning through training models, we achieved a high level of accuracy compatible with manual source data processing. The CNN supports the extraction of accurate information about buildings, vegetation and water objects within cities, urban areas, and even a whole country, which is very important for 5G network planning.

More information about our recent projects, you can find it here: Press release q 1_2023.pdf.

Please contact us for free samples and more information about 2D/2.5D/3D geodata, or Download the free 2D/2,5D/3D data samples from our website.

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