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Russian war crimes on satellite photos

The russian federation added energy terrorism to the list of its war crimes against Ukraine.

Since October 2022, Russian criminals have been trying to destroy Ukrainian energy infrastructure by launching massive missile attacks on peaceful cities. Imagine spending at least one day without electricity, water, and heating. And now imagine that Ukrainian civilians are forced to live without these comforts of civilization for several days or weeks in winter.
Here are the visible results of rocket attacks on Kyiv in November and December.

A detailed Sky News analysis of NASA satellite data shows the effect of attacks. ( Every morning, at about 1.30 am, NASA's Suomi and NOAA-20 satellites pass over Ukraine. High-resolution imagery from the two satellites, shared exclusively with Sky News, shows how weak the city lighting has become.

Russia continues its course of the genocide of the Ukrainian people: murders, mass shootings, torture, destruction of homes, and now attempts to freeze Ukrainians, leaving us without electricity and therefore without heating.
While celebrating Christmas and the New Year, the world should be aware of a constant threat nearby - a terrorist state that is not planning to stop.

Nevertheless, Ukrainians are indomitable in spirit, and we will win because we stand for universal human values. Next year we will rebuild our cities, and they will shine again because the light always defeats the darkness. We thank our friends for their support during these difficult times. Stand with Ukraine!

Kyiv on satellite images in January 2022:

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