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Visicom 3D and 2D Maps for Hungary Telecom Market

Hungary Telecom Market is growing in recent years and is expected to have continued growth over the forecast period to 2025. The growth in the industry is mainly due to increasing urban population with the corresponding increasing of the mobile phones that supports 3G, 4G and 5G services across the country. Some of the 2G networks have already been closed, and all the major 2G/3G platforms are expected to be shut by the end of 2025. By 2029 the majority of mobile connections will be on 5G.

We support all mobile operates for years starting from 2G networks development. Now we propose extra-accurate geodata for 5G – from 2D and 2.5D countrywide maps to 3D maps of any city in Hungary.


DTM / Clutter Model (Land Use) / Vector Model / Building footprints



  • 10m resolution 2D Model for entire country
  • 3D Buildings for all country
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