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VISICOM 5G PILOT PROJECTS ------------------------- *Explore Visicom 3D geodata tailored to 5G planning. 1 m resolution data provide highly accurate and precise input for efficient and accurate predictions of radio wave propagation in the core city.*
3D models include: - 3d buildings; - 3d vegetation; - 3d bridges. 3D Model includes not only high-resolution buildings but also individual trees and their canopy height with 1-2 m accuracy.
Start your 5G planning project with advanced quality geodata to have the best understanding of your complex urban environment.
**Europe:** Barcelona (Spain), Athens (Greece), Brussels (Belgium).
**USA:** Chicago, Sacramento, New York, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Euless.
**Asia:** Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China.
**Africa:** Lagos (Nigeria).
**Middle East:** Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE).
**We support any RF tools format.** **[Please download brochure 5G Trials Visicom][1]**
**Contact us to receive a free sample of 3D city Model.**
**[Our geodata catalogue includes over 5000 cities across 120+ countries.][2]** [1]: [2]: Back to all news

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