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The demand for 5G services is soaring, especially in smart railways, where projects have evolved from concepts to real implementations. The railway environment generates substantial big data, enhancing passenger safety, introducing new services, and boosting station and freight operations.

Key impacts of 5G on Railways:

  • High-Speed Connectivity: 5G provides unprecedented high-speed connectivity, facilitating faster data transfer between trains, stations, and control centers. This ensures real-time monitoring, enhancing overall operational efficiency with a maximum data rate of 10Gbps, making it 10 to 100 times faster than 4G.
  • Low Latency: 5G boasts low latency, with delays as minimal as 1 millisecond. This rapid responsiveness is crucial for applications like smart signaling, autonomous train operations, and improved safety measures.
  • IoT Integration: 5G enables seamless integration of IoT devices on trains and railway infrastructure, leading to better monitoring, predictive maintenance, and improved resource utilization.
  • Smart Signaling and Traffic Management: Equipped with 5G, trains can communicate with each other and the infrastructure, enabling dynamic traffic management, reducing congestion, and enhancing safety.
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: 5G ensures improved onboard connectivity, offering passengers faster and more reliable internet access. It opens doors to innovative services like personalized marketing, efficient ticketing, and real-time information updates.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: The vast data generated by 5G enables data-driven decision-making in maintenance, energy consumption, and operational planning, contributing to cost reduction and better resource allocation.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: 5G networks are highly flexible and scalable, adapting to the evolving needs of the railway industry and providing a foundation for future advancements.
  • Safety and Reliability: Railway operators benefit from the safety and reliability of 5G networks, ensuring continuous and dependable connectivity for critical operations and emergency communications.

In summary, 5G has the potential to transform railways into smarter, more efficient, and safer systems, influencing everything from operational processes to passenger experiences. Mobile operators worldwide aim to ensure safety and reliability while providing diverse information and entertainment services. To meet requirements and enable IoT 5G connections, 5G planning should consider a 500m buffer zone along the railway, expanding in challenging terrains. VISICOM's 3D Data tailored to 5G networks supports growing communication needs for railway services, including device, operations, and passenger connections.

One of the key requirements and a cornerstone for effectively 5G planning on railways is RF geodata. High-resolution 3D map data ensures you can accurately predict your 5G network coverage in complex environments and deliver the quality of service your customers expect.

A reliable network design is the foundation for meeting stringent performance requirements associated with critical railway communication and satisfying the expectations of passengers traveling in a high-speed train, reaching speeds of up to 500 km/h.

Our recent projects included 3D maps for SWISS and SPANS RAILWAYS. We understand the needs and requirements of RF-engineers involved into 5G RAILWAY development.

Visicom 3D Data tailored to 5G networks supports the increasing communication requirements applicable to railway services:

  • 1m resolution 3D maps in 500 m buffer zone along the railway
  • All terrain features are included with 1-2m accuracy 
  • All artificial obstacles are included with 1-2m accuracy
    • Tunnels
    • Bridges and overpasses 
    • Road and interchanges
    • Buildings
    • Trees

The overview of Spain railways geodata

Railways Barcelona Figueres_3D geodata vector 2m precision

Railways Barcelona - Figueres 3D geodata vector 2m precision

Railways Barcelona Figueres_3D geodata DTM

Railways Barcelona - Figueres DTM

Railways Barcelona - Figueres Clutter Height

Watch our YouTube channel for a detailed video report: 

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