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The term “Clutter” refers to a Land Use/Land Cover classification of surface features. They are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, and classes of landscape and vegetation. As a rule, Clutter is generally produced from multispectral satellite imagery by automatic and partly manual photo-interpretation.

This level of classification depends on particular applications: urban, suburban or regional. For example, the ‘urban and built-up’ class includes ‘residential,’ ‘commercial,’ and ‘industrial’ subclasses. Correspondingly, each class can be subdivided into more detailed classes - subclasses. Ranked/classified and mapped land cover is an integral step in understanding the Earth's biophysical systems, urban development, and managing.

A Land use map is a basic input for the prediction of different types of environmental management – both human activity and natural processes. Visicom geospatial data provide a high level of details in urban and suburban areas that allows recognizing, visualize and analyze the changes both in the natural and man-made environment.

Land Use details vary from 12 to 32 Clutter classes, from general map morphology to separate buildings in terms of meeting the concrete project needs.

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Flexible price fitted to customer budget

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