3D cities of Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia is a country which has been developing rapidly in recent decades, and accordingly the construction is carried out quite intensively. The companies focusing on telecommunications (2D or 3D RF maps), architecture (3D models LOD3), Smart City, urban planning (3D city models LOD2 or LOD3), solar energy (3D building models with roof azimuths), in order to make pragmatic and cost-effective decisions affecting the final result need actual Geo data regarding houses, their heights, number of floors, etc.

Our current very interesting project is collection of 3D Buildings database for all Saudi Arabia. Below is a list of cities that are already available or will be available soon.

This project includes the following cities:


Area, sq.km


3D maps Riyadh 4800+ 2500000+
3D maps of Jeddah & Mecca 5000+ 2000000+
3D maps of Dammam 12000+ 1500000+
3D maps of Al Hufuf 31000+ 750000+
3D maps of Al Lith 1000+ 590000+
3D maps of Al Muzahmiyah 1000+ 450000+
3D maps of Al-Kharj 1600+ 410000+
3D maps of As Sejir 1800+ 400000+
3D maps of Ash Sharqiyah 700+ 320000+
3D maps of At Taif 3600+ 250000+
3D maps of Buraydah 3500+ 200000+
3D maps of Hafar Al-Batin 4000+ 170000+
3D maps of Hail 700+ 165000+
3D maps of Khamis Mushait 500+ 130000+
3D maps of Medina 700+ 130000+
3D maps of Najran 400+ 71000+
3D maps of Sakaka 5000+ 24000+
3D maps of Tabuk 200+ 11000+
3D maps of Tharmada 600+ 6000+
3D maps of Yanbu'al-Bahr 700+ 2500+

Visicom, having many years of experience in 3D map creating, constantly improves the technology, quality, and speed of production, which allows us to provide our customers with high-quality 2D maps, 3D maps, population maps, and any other spatial data in a short time.

Download the free 3D data sample of Saudi Arabia 3D city model**

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