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We contribute to the growth of the mobile network in Canada ----------------------- High-resolution geospatial 3D data are vitally important to realize the benefits of the cellular network. Due to the high sensitivity of mmWaves from all obstacles, successful propagation signal setup requires very accurate and detailed obstruction representation including building construction small details and [precise 3D canopy][2]. Telecommunication operators now are on the stage of signal propagation planning and defining the optimal locations of antennas. 3D Project for Canadian cities for telecom network planning process in the largest population center in Canada includes: - 3D City model of Toronto covers 114 - Ottawa – 84 - Edmonton – 76 - Calgary – 133 - Vancouver – 221 *3D models of cities meet the requirements of [LOD2][3] quality.
* *3D model resolution: 5m.
* *3D geodata accuracy – 3-4 m in x,y,z.
* **Usually delivered layers:** - ✅ [Digital Terrain Model (DTM)][4] - ✅ Digital Surface Model (DSM) - ✅ Highly accurate 3D building vectors - ✅ Clutter/Land Use - ✅ 3D Obstacles - ✅ Vegetation - ✅ Road networks, water bodies, coastline - ✅ Solar Energy or Green roof planning [**☑ More information about 3D geodata for 5G planning.**][5]
**[ ☑ Our geodata catalogue includes over 1500 cities across 120 + countries.][6]**
**✉ Contact us to receive a free sample of the 3D city Model.** [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: Back to all news

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