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Tunis 3D for 5G pilot


Tunisia has started working on the preparing for the launch of 5G networks. The national regulator announced a tender for a study on the technical and economic conditions of launching 5G in the country. It’s expected that 5G licences will be available in 2021.
Visicom is ready to support all Tunisian mobile operators in 5G developing.

1m resolution 3D Map of Tunis is ready to be used in 5G network testing. 3D pilot project covers 30 of Tunis core city featuring 3D buildings with small roof features, 3D bridges, 3D Trees with assigned canopy heights.
3D geodata can be delivered in any RF-tools format:
Atoll, Asset, Planet, ISC Telecom, Pathloss, Nokia NetAct, NetPlan …

Advanced 3D geodata and implementation of 5G network infrastructure, mm-wave antennas, massive MIMO and fibre wireless access (FWA) technologies enable to present new spectrum of services for the end users. It brings closer the citizens of Tunisia to the IoT technology opportunities such as: connected vehicles, smart transport, enterprise low latency IoT, augmented/virtual/mixed reality (AR, VR, MR) etc.

Based on our 19-years experience, we offer the most effective solution for any territory at affordable price.

Learn more in our booklet "Pilot Projects for 5G Planning over the World"
Download the free data sample of 3D digital models

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